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        The word S.W.A.P.O.S. is actually an acronym for “Say It With A Poem Or Song” because we will be offering a wide variety of products to consumers. The Poetic Expressions greeting card line is a S.W.A.P.O.S. Publications product. The Poetic Expressions card line is possibly the newest and most creative greeting card line available in today’s market. Focusing solely on the deepest points of expression for the most intimate of situations.

        Our company slogan is, “A gift you want to keep from a greeting card company that puts your deepest feelings in black and white”, therefore offering an eclectic and diverse variety of greeting cards. Which is also the reason we use no color in our cards, we feel that expression has no color only the feeling that is being transferred from one person to the next. We also like the way black and white photography seems to capture that moment in time.

        Poetic Expressions greeting cards are designed and written around people, our mission is to cross boundaries no other greeting card company has, in an effort to give the consumer exactly what they have been wanting and missing. Emotionally moving and never simply words of thought, but life changing thoughts of passion is what Poetic Expressions greeting cards bring forth. Our greeting cards are designed irrevocably to be the deepest and most thoughtful on the market to date. We are new, but new in a good way, because now the consumer has another choice for their greeting card needs.

We are working diligently on enhancing and building more products and would encourage you the consumer to leave any comments and/or suggestions you may have on our current product as well as any thoughts on what you may like to see from S.W.A.P.O.S. Publications.