you could be making money out of them one day.

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tale signs your offspring may be a prodigy,
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Most young children forget their grannies if they only see them once in a blue moon,
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Reading early

No, not plodding their way through Mr Men, but sitting down with a Charles Dickens novel.

Unusual hobbies or interests or an in depth knowledge of certain subjects

Collecting novelty rubbers doesn’t apply, being able to work out the day and date months away does.

An awareness of world events

This isn’t so much knowing that Peppa Pig’s daddy has broken another TV, more that there has been a natural disaster/famine/war.

Asks questions all the time

Don’t get excited. "But why,
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Developed sense of humour

Laughing at Daddy do a trump under his armpit won’t qualify, but if they are understanding puns and word association,
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Hitting a drum repeatedly no. Picking up the violin and basically teaching themselves how to play and progress for hours on end yes.

Likes to be in control

True, you could just be dealing with a stroppy madam but if your little one wants to take charge of activities it’s because they feel capable and that their way is the best way.

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